Lost a tooth? Normal function can be resumed with dental implants!

I am Domingos Mamede and if you have lost a tooth or teeth and are feeling dejected because you don’t really want dentures or a bridge, I can show you there is an alternative! I have many years of experience in placing dental implants Cambridge and restoring patients’ feelings from dejected to elated. Dentistry today is able to offer options because of the incredible advances in technology and techniques. No two people are the same and patients all have their own individual expectations and aspirations, and I provide an alternative to lost teeth that mimics their natural teeth.

Solid and stable

For thousands of years the search for a stable, natural-looking alternative has been the quest of many. In the 1950s a breakthrough occurred which started the journey to where we are today. Dental science harnessed the technological advances that have engulfed us all over the past decades. Dental implants Cambridge bring with them a new range of equipment that allows us to be able to minimise oral discomfort and deliver tooth replacements that look and feel like your natural teeth. The procedure has become efficient and effective and the advances in bone augmentation have opened up the treatment to many more patients. The result is that patients are able to enjoy a prosthetic tooth replacement that is durable and works in the same way as their natural teeth.


As a patient you can feel confident that when you visit me you are in very competent hands. Not only have I performed many of these procedures, but I do so for other dentists and am also trained in clinical mentoring for other dentists. If you are naturally a nervous patient, I have also trained in sedation specifically for nervous patients, homoeopathy and acupuncture. I have numerous degrees, diplomas and awards for my various achievements in implantology. All of these demonstrate that when you have teeth replaced with dental implants Cambridge you are receiving the best treatment available, by someone who is dedicated and passionate about his profession.

Understanding the procedure

Implantology uses the way that nature holds your teeth in place in your mouth by using a titanium post which acts as the root. Titanium is used because it naturally fuses with your jawbone providing that all important stable base. To place the titanium post, a small incision will be made in your gum and using computer guided software a small hole is drilled in precisely the correct place where your tooth originally was in your jawbone. This is vitally important to ensure that your remaining opposite tooth meets exactly, to make certain that your teeth are perfectly aligned and that your bite is in line. Once this part of the procedure is done, your gum is sewn back together and a temporary crown is placed on the post. After a period of healing the next stage is the fitting of a permanent abutment to the titanium post.This provides the stable platform for your new perfectly shaped and coloured crown to be fitted.

Like you never lost your tooth

Your new implant will eventually feel like the rest of your teeth and you will gradually be able to eat and drink as you did before losing your tooth. I am able to replace one tooth or four teeth in a row using just one implant or if your entire mouthful of teeth is replaced this can be supported by just four implants. There has never been a better time to have implants and I am here to guide and help you.