How can dental implants help you to the perfect smile

Advancements in implant dentistry have made available dental implants Cambridge, the ideal dental solutions for patients who have lost one or more of their permanent teeth. Why dental implants Cambridge work so well is because their design is borrowed from nature itself.

At our dental practice, our well-experienced implant dentist, Domingos Mamede, has overseen the treatment plans of many patients looking to dental implants Cambridge to give them back the confidence to smile attractive smiles.

Why consider dental implants?

When patients lose natural teeth, it is not only their smile that takes a knock. It is also their health-promoting ability to eat and chew food that presents challenges. If lost teeth are not replaced with a suitable missing teeth replacement device, patients will find that they are limited to certain foods that are easier to eat and risk not getting the full complement of nutrients their bodies need for optimal health.

It is because they replicate the structure, look and feel of natural teeth that dental implants make for the best alternative to address the numerous challenges of missing teeth.

The fact that the dental crown that sits above the gum line is anchored solidly to the jawbone through a metal rod-like screw provides the stability needed for confident biting and chewing. This design minimises the chance of the prosthetic device moving about the mouth or the possibility of them falling out.

With dental implants, patients can maintain good oral hygiene. Implants are a fuss-free way to brush and floss – two golden rules of the dentist-approved oral hygiene programme to be performed at home.

Dental implants work well to protect the integrity of teeth. Gaps open in the dental arch that are plugged in with implants, prevent natural teeth from moving out of position and causing more dental problems. Another way this proves beneficial is that even though the root-like rods used in dental implants are made of metal, they are still able to provide the stimulation needed by the jawbone to maintain its quality. Bone reabsorption is avoided and the patient’s facial structure is kept intact.

There is no glossing over the fact that implants look and feel completely natural – important traits that contribute to showing off a pleasing confident smile. It is not realised at first how being embarrassed by an awkward smile can adversely impact one’s life. A winning smile is key to making a positive first impression on others and a positive first impression is required in all areas of one’s life, from winning friendships to being hired.

While there are a great many superb benefits to choosing dental implants, only a professional dental consultation can determine patient suitability. The dental practitioner will have to assess a number of criteria before a treatment plan can be prescribed. These criteria include the state of one’s dental health and general health (are there any pre-existing medical conditions or smoking habits that may complicate treatment) as well as the quality of jawbone. To book a consultation with Domingos Mamede, please reach out to our front desk team.