Dental implants with Domingos Mamede

Dental implants Cambridge are a permanent solution to replacing your missing teeth. Over the last few decades dental implants Cambridge have become firmly established as the gold standard in tooth replacement therapy. If you are considering dental implants to address your missing teeth then visit Domingos Mamede for excellent dental care and fantastic customer service that you can be proud to share with your friends and family, and show off to the rest of the world. With specialised training in dental implantology you can be sure that with our surgery you will receive high quality dentistry, using the latest dental technology and techniques.

Domingos Mamede is a highly skilled dental implant surgeon, so book an appointment to visit him in person today and begin the journey to replacing your missing teeth.

You will need to undergo X-rays of your teeth first to make sure that you have sufficient healthy bone for the implants to be inserted into. Tooth loss can result in bone decay so it is important that you contact us as early as possible following the loss of your tooth, otherwise you may have to undergo bone grafting for successful dental implant surgery. Depending on the extent of bone grafting necessary, this may have to be carried out prior to the surgery or if you require minor grafting, then this can be carried out at the same time as dental implant surgery. This will be decided by us at the time and you will be advised accordingly.

How do dental implants work?

In the past people have used crowns, dentures and bridges to replace their missing teeth. Although these are very effective in restoring the aesthetic appearance of your mouth, these prosthetics are not very secure, can be uncomfortable and are for temporary purposes. With successful dental implant surgery you will have a permanent replacement for your missing tooth or teeth which you can maintain for life. A small titanium component is used to replace the root of your missing tooth. This needs to be inserted into the alveolar bone of your jaw. To do this you will need a small hole to be drilled into the bone socket of your missing tooth, so that the titanium component can fit securely and be in contact with the jawbone. This initiates a natural bodily process known as osseointegration, which involves osteoblasts or bone cells to form around the component so that it is securely embedded into your jaw. This process can take around 8 to 12 weeks and varies from patient to patient depending on your body’s ability to heal. Unfortunately because of this reason dental implants Cambridge may not be suitable for those with certain underlying health issues such as diabetes, where the body is not always able to heal itself successfully.

Once Domingos Mamede is happy that successful osseointegration has occurred he will attach an abutment or a connector post to the implant and then together you will be able to decide on the best choice of prosthetic for you according to your individual dental needs, whether you are replacing one missing tooth or you are replacing multiple missing teeth. Contact us today and find out more about how dental implants can successfully restore the beauty and functioning of your teeth and smile for life.